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It was the late 2017 and high atop the great Caucasus Mountains, a small rebellious group of breeders took on a challenge never before attempted: hunting and discovering the most legendary indigenous cannabis strains from every corner of Sakartvelo. Bountiful and jaw-dropping harvests of powerful Sativa and Indica breeds kept the hunters' spirits up during a three year adventure in the wild, unforgiving yet mesmerizing Caucasia.

Our story
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Our Mission

Working with the best breeding labs of Netherlands, the team undertook the long and arduous process of stabilizing, purifying and enhancing the strains to their maximum potential. Only the best and most sought after genetic traits were selected from each generation and passed on to what would ultimately become the very essence of world class premiere league Cannabis line. This is a game changer from Caucasian Seeds. And we’re just getting started.

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Amirani or Amiran (Georgian: ამირანი) is the name of a culture hero of a Georgian epic who resembles the Classical Prometheus.

Pir Kush

Pirkushi is a divine blacksmith in Georgian mythology . The name and epithet (fiery) indicate the connection with the dark chthonic forces 


Medea is a direct descendant of the sun god Helios (son of the Titan Hyperion) through her father King Aeëtes of Colchis.


Kopala (Georgian: კოპალა) is a traditional hero or demigod revered in the highlands of Pshavi in Georgia.


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Ochopintre is the leader and protector of wild animals in Georgian mythology.


According to the medieval Georgian Chronicles, Armazi (Georgian: არმაზი) was the supreme deity in the pantheon of pre-Christian Caucasian Iberia